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Canadian author + speaker Christina Crook communicates about technology, humanity, faith & wonder for audiences and publications throughout the world.



The brain drain of the web is undeniable. When not used mindfully, our tech can sap our focus, productivity, creativity and, ultimately, our impact. 

THAT'S WHY, At JOMO, we lead corporate teams in rebooting their relationship with technology to improve focus and productivity, while reconnecting to the joys beyond the screen.

You have 365 days this year. Imagine spending one of them with your team, focusing on making your days count. Imagine conversations and clarity. Imagine actionable tools for real-life scenarios that will go to work for you immediately.

You get to choose who wins this year: you or your devices.  

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LEADING WITH JOY  |  Definition of Joy: “the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.”



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"I'm tired of trying to keep it all together. My team needs me. My spouse needs me. My kids need me. I feel like I am already living with a wall of regret."

"I'm exhausted. I'm on 24/7. I feel like I can't turn off because if I do my career will slow down and my boss will think I'm a lazy sloth and I will miss my dentist appointment and I'll never get my side hustle off the ground and I won't know about my friend's new puppy and..."

"I come home from work feeling numb. The only thing I have energy for is scrolling and Netflix. And more Netflix. And more Instagram. And more Facebook. At the same time. I've been on social long enough to know it's a waste of time but I. CAN. NOT. STOP. I don't know what else to do."



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The average person spends over two hours a day on social media. That's 5.5 years over a lifetime. If we cut that by even 40%, you'd be gaining back two weeks of productive time. We think it's time you reclaim it.


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So you can:

  • Identify your blindspots
  • Rewire your habits for productivity and success 
  • Kick regrets to the curb 
  • Rediscover your “why” as individuals and a team
  • Enter fully into rest and recovery, for maximum impact each day
  • Move from surviving to thriving


  • Redefine “productivity” (productivity does not mean 24/7 attachment to devices)
  • Uncover what's driving the disconnect between your goals and your tech use
  • Identify what's life-giving versus life-draining, and what energizes your team
  • Discover the margin you didn't know you had
  • Design a sustainable actionable solution
  • Give you practical tools to move beyond good intentions, and into great tech habits
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what people are saying

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"Christina has an ability to connect with people immediately and finds commonalities that make her extremely relatable. Christina’s relatability was key in helping breaking down the shyness in the room successfully leading to vulnerable and open conversations between attendees. The session was flawlessly executed. It received much positive feedback from attendees--so much so that I had colleagues anecdotally bringing up points from the session in conversations months later. I would recommend Christina Crook to anyone looking for a motivational/inspirational speaker."

- Madison Hall Sikorski, Strategist + DRIVE Founder @ Cossette Toronto, Canada's leading ad agency


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"The workshop helped me take an honest look and my habits. It motivated me to immediately action valuable checks and balances to ensure my digital time wasn't getting in the way of my goals. On month later, I continue to feel more plugged into my life and less into the web."

- Melissa Huggett, Senior Business Partner @ Experience Point


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word guild award in culture

Christina received the inaugural Word Guild Award in Culture in 2016.


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Human-centred design

The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference welcomed Christina to breathtaking Squamish, British Columbia to speak about becoming technically productive and privately peaceful in an always-on work culture.  


TEDx speaker

Christina's talk, "Letting Go of Technology: Pursuing a People-focused Future" was presented as a part of the TEDx Global Women conference.