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Canadian author + speaker Christina Crook communicates about technology, humanity, faith & wonder for audiences and publications throughout the world.


to Sep 9

Fireside Conference

Join Christina at Fireside for an inspiring morning workshop, Experience JOMO: Reconnecting to the joys beyond our screens.

Fireside Conference is an all-inclusive, immersive, off-the-grid and off-the-record retreat featuring the brightest minds in the business, startup, investor and media communities.

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1:00 PM13:00

The Hustle @ lululemon

We're taking Experience JOMO to lululemon! Our goal is to help you reset your relationship with technology, providing enough life hacks to give you back more than two-weeks’ worth of free time. How does that sound? We'll spend three hours off the grid to engage with like-minded people and delve deep into your values and your habits. We’ll send you off with a copy of Christina's book, The Joy of Missing Out, and a rock-solid plan to keep you on the path to joyful living. 

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7:00 PM19:00

W.I.S.E. Toronto

Women Investing for a Sustainable Economy (WISE) is a community of women contributing to the ESG* investment industry with the purpose of connecting, deepening relationships, learning and sharing expertise. Our collective aspiration is to lead ESG investing into the mainstream and to do it with fun and camaraderie. WISE members commit to "take the call" -- ready and willing to support one another. We're honoured to share the Experience JOMO workshop with these economic leaders. 

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to Mar 10

National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging is a 24-hour global respite from technology founded by Reboot. NDU highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices in order to connect with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities in real time. Join us from sundown on March 9, 2018 until sundown March 10. 

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