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Announcing Coaching, Workshops + Daily JOMO Reboot

Christina Crook

Hello friends,

There's a fair bit going on that I'd like to tell you about.

Last month, after a summer-long hiatus, I hit reboot on Daily JOMO. It's back with new prompts and the ones you love. I'd love for you to tell your friends, neighbours, and followers about it.

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I've begun taking on coaching clients in a new 4-session series called, Minding Technology: Distilling Our Values to Thrive Online.

One of the most toxic effects in psychology is comparing ourselves to other people. But even thinking for 10 minutes a day — “What are my values?” is enough to reduce the impact of social contagion and build the confidence we need to thrive online and off. In 4 personalized coaching sessions, we'll explore the wisdom of disturbance (When and where are you most experiencing screen stress? What is the wisdom here? What is this disturbance telling you?,) the power of social contagion, and develop our personal values to make better choices online. You can sign up for coaching here.

Last month I piloted the Minding Technology workshop with Cossette Communications' DRIVE team. If you'd like to run this workshop with your team, please contact me. I'd love to join you.

I am continuing to read through spiritual memoirist Henri Nouwen's body of work (nearly 40 books) this year. The result is work-in-progress, My Year with Henri. I've been a fan of Nouwen's work since the age of 18 when my parents' gifted me a flip calendar with his daily quotes. The writing of The Joy of Missing Out led me deep into the work of Jean Vanier ("Becoming Human") who founded the international L'arche communities. Henri Nouwen spent the last decade of his life living and serving as the resident priest in North York's L'arche community, Daybreak. Nouwen's work is drawing me into a deeper understanding of good burdens: commitments that keep us attached to people and the real world. In the new year, the Henri Nouwen Society will begin releasing dispatches from my year-long journey. I will let you know when you can look for them.

Finally, earlier this year I shared with you the concept for The JOMOCAST, a live monthly speaker series which will be filmed and released as a podcast (a podcast that only releases one episode per month.) The aim of the series is to explore the themes of technology, embodiment, relationships, and joy. While the live series has yet to be realized, I'm happy to share an interview I did with sewing YouTuber WithWendy (500K+ followers.) We spoke about unplugging, the limits of social media and what to do when everything ISN'T awesome. Take a look:


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Every blessing this cool October Thursday,

- Christina