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Canadian author + speaker Christina Crook communicates about technology, humanity, faith & wonder for audiences and publications throughout the world.

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Christina Crook

Christina Crook is an award-winning author and TEDx speaker whose commentary on technology and our daily lives has appeared in the New York Times, Psychology Today, Women's Health, Times of India, NPR, CBC Radio, AARP, CTV, Glamour Brasil, and more.

In 2012 she disabled the data on her smartphone, turned off her email and said goodbye to the Internet for 31 days. This experience chronicled as the project, Letters from a Luddite, garnered international media attention and fuelled Christina's passion for exploring the intersection of technology, relationships and joy. 

Christina's must-read wellness book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, has made her a leading voice on a more human relationship with modern technology. 

Crook has worked for some of Canada’s most recognized media organizations, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Rogers Digital Media. She is a graduate of the Simon Fraser University School of Communication and her TEDx talk, “Letting Go of Technology: Pursuing a People-focused Future,” was presented as part of the 2013 Global TEDWomen conference.

Recent speaking engagements include Cossette, Dovetail Summit, Canadian Internet Marketing Conference, World Vision Canada, Fireside Conference - Canada's largest invite-only tech summit, Nexus student conference at Yale, and the Social Media and Human Flourishing Colloquium at McGill University in Montreal.  

Crook is a sister to 7 siblings, wife to Michael and mother to Madeleine (8,) Thomas (6,) and Caleb (4.) A few years ago she and her young family traded the seaside views of Bowen Island, British Columbia for the banks of Toronto’s Humber River where they attend Grace Toronto Church West.

She recently pioneered the first writing residency with the Henri Nouwen Society at the University of Toronto, Canada where she began work on a new manuscript, My Year with Henri.


Through her writing, workshops and coaching she reveals how key shifts in our thinking can enable us to draw closer to one another, taking up the good burdens of local work and responsibilities. She writes about the value of focus, making space to create, and the meaning we find in more limited connections. She challenges the Western values of power, control, and success, revealing how wonder, trust, and discipline are central to the experience of being human and the keys to our joy.

Christina’s overarching passion is to advocate for a human-centered future, one that embraces weakness, recognizes the mess and fruit of relationship, and values embodiment. Most importantly, she is mother to Madeleine (7,) Thomas (5,) and little Caleb (3) where she is learning to embrace her own weakness, experiencing the mess and fruit of relationship and learning to value what Kathleen Norris calls the “quotidian mysteries” (also known as “doing the dishes.”)

Christina is also passionate about poetry, rowing, ice cream and naps.